Overlays, Labels and Nameplates

Graphic overlays and labels are the bread and butter of screen and digital printers. We utilize our Sakurai MF80 screen presses and our Roland LEF-300 digital presses both independent and as hybrid processing to make beautiful product.
For thick product printed on housings or glass we have a M&R Renegade silk screen press.
The combined versatility means we can meet your demands and make them beautiful.
Some of our name plates are embossed, using our Niebling SAMK650 high pressure forming equipment. This allows us to integrated embossed domes, braille features, as well as complex geometry.

Versatile equipment and versatile materials

Our material options from vinyl to 9H pencil hardness polyesters, polycarbonates and acylics give the most options.
Backed with the best 3M or Kiwo adhesives available we can meet your needs. We start by evaluating the end goal and then suggest a material set that meets your needs and price point.
Manufactured in Canada, we stand behind our labels, overlays and nameplates.

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Roll label

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