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About Us

Since 1985 True North Printed Plastics has been providing worldwide hardware solutions for the deign and manufacturing of electronic interfaces. From intricate membrane switch and display technology designed for the harshest environments, to elegant capacitive touch and sensitive medical electrodes, True North Printed Plastics has the experience and capabilities to do the impossible. Our capable and dynamic teams specialize in providing solutions for the most difficult and highly complex interfaces. True North Printed Plastics are experts in the human interface.

Our Services

We want to be part of your team. Make us a resource for your engineers and designers. True North wants to help during any stage of your design process. Let our team work with your designers, engineers and purchasing to make the best, inputs and displays; at the best possible price.

Custom Manufacturing and Planning System

Our custom built Manufacturing and Resource Vital Information Network, MRP system, manages every part of our work flow to ensure quality built, consistent, and on-time product delivery. We encourage input from all levels of manufacturing to optimize the build of your membrane switch, label, capacitive switch, or thin-film molded product.

Environmentally controlled facility

Our factory was custom designed for True North and we are very proud of it. From hepa filtered and humidity controlled air systems, or ESD safe flooring and painted steel walls, our building has been designed to manufacture membrane switches and printed labels. We have compartmentalized our production to reduce contamination in membrane switch and medical electrode manufacturing. From our digital press room, through to our laser cutting room, everything was designed to maximize efficiency. Please contact us for a tour, and to discuss your future projects!

In-house film and Screen Production

Printing on plastics evolves from design and tool integrity. The better the tools we work from, the sharper and crisper the image we manufacture for you. Our computer generated film is processed here at True North. High resolution film lets our team produced excellent photo tools on screen. The crisp, clear print on True North printed plastics starts by controlling the process from start to finish. We understand the art and science of screen printing.

Digital colour and functional testing

Every product produced at True North goes through rigorous review. We test for conformance to specific performance requirements identified at the design stage. Color is always critical for products that represent your company in the market. Reliable electronic circuitry with repeatable resistance is important for switch performance. Every circuit on every True North switch receives a Mistral verification for circuit integrity. Each LED is tested independently. Your product needs True North circuit security!


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