Trusted Partners

True North relies on a trusted network of partners and vendors to create beautiful in-mold electronics.

Printed electronics materials

Henkel functional inks and coatings make up the backbone of our functional supply chain. Used in membrane switch, In mold electronics, shielding, capactive touch, and many other applications.

3M adhesives and materials

3M is the industry leader in adhesives and provides innovative advanced materials across the spectrum. From the 200mp line which is our main adhesive to VHB conversion, we are a premium convertor of 3M materials.

In-mold electronics materials

MacDermid Autotype is a leader in films for formed applications including their Xtraform and Autoform series. MacDermid provides an amazing set of formed texture inks designed to run on the Niebling series of forming equipment which can stay super matte. This provides unmatched finish options.

Membrane switch and overlay materials

Polymershapes is a leading distributor of high quality materials, including MacDermid Autotype, Sabic Polycarbonates, acrylics, and many others.
Polymershapes manages quick deliveries and keeps our supply chain running.

Screen printing inks and suppliies

Screentec is a leading supplier of silk screen printing supplies including mesh, coatings, cleaning materials, and inks. We look to them for there many years of expertise in the field.

Leading in technical fabrics for around 190 years, Sefar has been setting standards worldwide as a problem solver with an absolute customer focus. Sefar AG produces precision fabrics, filter components and ready-made products for filtration/separation, high-precision screen printing fabrics as well as innovative, functional fabrics with integrated conductive components.

Niebling forming, in-mold electronics, in-mold decoration, film insert molding

A world leader in High precision forming, Niebling forming equipment makes up the backbone of our in-mold electronics, film insert molding, and thin film formed products. Manufactured with German precision, this equipment has the capability to change your products.

The best is barely good enough for FIM/IMD applications: Innovative raw materials, brilliant colour shades, and excellent adhesion values make Marabu MaraMold MPX your #1 choice for creating exclusive designs with high moldability.

Marabu MaraMold MPX is designed for film insert molding applications on polycarbonate (PC) films and offers a wide processing window between printing and finishing.

These are just a few of our many great partners! We will add more soon!

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