Membrane Switch / Printed Electronics

Simple or complex, let us manage your solution.

Whether you need a simple one LED display, or a capacitive touch keypad with full backlighting, we can offer a solution. We have a team of electronics partners that can offer full turn key interfaces and even a bluetooth app to go with it if desire.
From medical, to industrial, aerospace, military, we have done it all. We proudly have put parts in Boeing airplanes, on the Canadarm, in Sub-marines, and in mines.
Our parts are found on the x-ray machines, respirators, HVAC systems, and security systems you interact with.

A full range of options

Our membrane switch offerings can include tactile metal domes, zif connections, polyester formed domes, embossed keys, capactive keys, fiber optic or LED backlighting, IP65 seals, harsh climate and UV stability. You name it, we have built a membrane switch or printed electronics product to meet the requirement.
Offering over 1,000,000 cycles on our metal domes, our switch will last the lifetime of your product.

We can print a range of conductive materials including clear conductive for touch screens on polyster, polycarbonate, acrylic, or kapton materials depending on your application.

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Trusted Partners

We work with trusted material and component partners to ensure the best quality for your membrane switch or printed electronics product.
MacDermid Autotype, Sabic, Polymershapes, Memcon North America, Henkel Electronics and advanced materials, 3M, Kiwo Adhesives just to name a few!

Interested in how membrane switches are made? Here is a great video from the show “How it’s made”. Some of the products shown were produced in our factory!
IME, in-mold electronics

3D formed Electronics

Need a more advanced 3d solution? See our Thin film formed products page. We specialize in IME (In-mold electronics) and can show you some amazing things!

Overlays and Labels

Need an overlay for your product or have labelling requirements? We can handle the simple to the complex.

Roll label

Want to know more about our roll label services?
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