Below is a True North Printed Plastics case study which follows the manufacturing of a clients product interface from concept to completion. Have a problem needing a solution or a product needing an interface? Contact us today!


Whether you come to us with a cocktail napkin filled with brilliant sketches or a disc loaded with CAD renderings, True North can help you DESIGN your product starting with just about any media even if it is a crayon.


Building the perfect interface between people and technology can be a difficult task when it comes to fit, finish, and functionality. True North Printed Plastics has the experience, technology, and infrastructure to solve even the most complex interface.


True North is always leading the industry when it comes to using advanced technology in design, manufacturing and assembly. Our facility has several isolated and controlled environments with an array of machinery capable of building even the most complex interface.


Centrally located in Bracebridge Muskoka Ontario Canada, our state of the art facility features numerous isolated, climate controlled, environments for various forms of manufacturing. From medical to automotive, we can tool our facilities for virtually any form of manufacturing or assembly.