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True North built a very special building. We looked at the environment needed to produce displays and interfaces Our new building in Bracebridge, Ontario reflects the community concerns for protecting our environment.

We created an economical footprint that respects our community. The building is managed for air quality, humidity, lighting, control of contaminants, and access for product flow.   We are proud of this beautiful state of the art facility. Next time you are in Muskoka, call us for a tour!

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Welcome to MARVIN! This is our Manufacturing And Vital Information Network. Every detail, from concept through manufacturing, is detailed and supervised in MARVIN.   Real time updates constantly provide status on your project as it moves through the facility. Staff members are allowed to update the manufacturing plan with positive suggestions for improvements. Engineering changes are captured real time to improve production.   MARVIN is a user friendly, paperless system designed to communicate to and from our factor flow. Information is available real time for the engineering, production, sales, planning and customer. We have available plug ins for customers interested in monitoring their product status from your desktop.


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Printing on plastics evolves from design and tool integrity. The better the tools we work from, the sharper and crisper the image we manufacture for you. Our computer generated film is processed here at True North. High resolution film lets our team produced excellent photo tools on screen. The crisp, clear print on True North printed plastics starts by controlling the process from start to finish. We understand the art and science of screen printing.

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Every product produced at True North goes through rigorous review. We test for conformance to specific performance requirements identified at the design stage.   Color is always critical for products that represent your company in the market. Reliable electronic circuitry with repeatable resistance is important for switch performance. Every circuit on every True North switch receives a Mistral verification for circuit integrity. Each LED is tested independently.   Your product needs True North circuit security!

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There are options when choosing where to design and manufacture your products. True North Printed Plastics is located in Bracebridge Ontario and we are proudly Canadian! If your product is being designed for the North American market it’s important that you work with a company that has accountability through all stages of production. We pride ourselves on quality control and delivering what we promised when we promised it.

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